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Skip to the content primary navigation request an appointment find a physician conditions and services patient & visitor guide locations quality careers june 10, 2012 3-d mri better evaluator for patients with mitral valve disease using mri analysis with 3-d imaging instead of a traditional echocardiogram could help physicians better manage patients with mitral regurgitation and better predict when surgery for the condition is necessary, according to a study co-authored by university of alabama at birmingham researchers and published in the may 15, 2012, issue of  circulation. “these findings could be a game-changer for patients,” says senior author mustafa ahmed, m. D. buy cheap viagra , of the uab division of cardiovascular disease. viagra natural y casero “more than 2 million people in the united states suffer from mitral regurgitation, which occurs when the mitral valve fails to close properly and blood that is supposed to be pumped out of the heart flows back. The number of people with this likely will double by 2030 because of aging and population growth. buy viagra from usa ” guidelines now recommend using an echocardiogram to measure the dimension of a single spot in the left ventricle as each heart beat pumps blood out of it to see whether or not the regurgitation has caused the ventricle to dilate beyond what is acceptable and to detect decreased function in the ventricle. movie on viagra Both of these help physicians decide if surgery is needed to correct mitral regurgitation. But, ahmed says, this single measurement fails to provide a full picture of the health of the whole ventricle, and significant changes in its size and geometry can be missed. “a conventional echo measures what you could consider an ice pick-like dimension at the base of the heart,” says study co-author louis dell’italia, m. D. viagra natural y casero , of the uab division of cardiovascular disease and birmingham veterans affairs medical center. “mri and 3-d analysis measures this dimension and it also shows the change from the normal football shape to a spherical shape of the entire heart, known as remodeling. viagra online Such a global picture provides an accurate volume of the heart, which previous research suggests is the best predictor of the patient’s outcome. cheap viagra ” for the study, the researchers looked at 94 patients with severe to moderate mitral regurgitation from june 2005 to september 2010. viagra for sale In addition to an echocardiogram, the patients each had an mri scan and 3-d analyses. viagra for sale in canada Thirty-five of the mitral regurgitation patients underwent mitral valve repair surgery; all of these patients had a relatively well-preserved left ventricle ejection fraction — the amount of blood the heart can pump out. The researchers report the mri with 3-d analysis uncovered more spherical remodeling of the heart than the standa. works best viagra viagra viagra natural y casero ..... News
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